Sullivan College Administration Law in the Marshall v Barlow Inc Case Questions


Marshall v. Barlow’s, Inc.

Read the case on pages 122-124 of the textbook and provide your accurate, detailed and direct answers to each of the numbered questions that follow. Please spell and grammar check your submissions as I reserve the right to adjust your grade downward up to an entire letter grade for this. I expect that your answers to all four questions in total will be approximately 1000 words in length. Only use text for reference.

Administration Law discussion board 200 words.

First, in your own words, explain the difference between a law and a regulation. Second, briefly research and identify 2 or 3 regulations that your organization or past organization is/was expected to follow. Please explain them and their impact on your organization in terms of whether the organization sees compliance as a value-add or as a cost. Third, under what circumstances would it be reasonable to be out of compliance with any regulation? USE FORD MOTOR COMPANY ASSEMBLY PLANT FOR REGILATIONS