Strayer University Change Leadership Challenge Response

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Change Leadership Challenge

  • Which of the change leadership skills or behaviors have you found to be the most challenging to date? Why? 
  • Where do you see your most immediate area for growth?

A universal sentiment expressed by Kotter, Jack, and others is that change is hard. It needs passion and persistence. My CSI profile is “Moderate Originator,” which means I prefer a fast and comprehensive approach to change. I am comfortable with taking risks and with uncertainty. I may appear to be somewhat unconventional. I have to make an effort to overcome my impatience. I have to remind myself that we have to communicate the vision until we gag (Welch).

It is dangerous to believe that change can come from a single larger-than-life person (Kotter, 1996). The immediate area for growth would be to improve the skill of forming a guiding coalition. We have talked extensively about the importance of a guiding coalition, its characteristics, and its purpose. I tend to go alone as much as possible while leading change, and I have to learn to identify early adopters and form a coalition of people with Position power, Expertise, Credibility, and Leadership (Kotter, 1996).


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