Strayer Univeristy Wk 10 Leadership Skills or Behaviors Discussion Question



Week 10 discussion 

Which of the change leadership skills or behaviors have you found to be the most challenging to date? Why? Broad-Based Empowerment can be difficult and most challenging. Training and development that drives the change. Some several skills and behaviors are essential to driving change and building the change capability of an organization. Without sufficient empowerment, critical quality information sits unused in workers’ minds and energy to implement changes lies dormant. Many of the same kinds of organizational attributes required to develop leadership are also needed to empower employees. Those facilitating factors would include flatter hierarchies, less bureaucracy, and a greater willingness to take risks. In addition, constant empowerment for a constantly changing world works best in organizations in which senior managers focus on leadership and in which they delegate most managerial responsibilities to lower levels (1).

Where do you see your most immediate area for growth? Senior management must build a continuum of employee and leadership empowerment, to implement programs that recognize employees and clients as stakeholders. This will help encourage the sustainability of the initial change.


  1. JWI555 Chapter 11 The Organization of the Future.