St Marys University Nursing Reflection Questions


Reflection Points. Program of study is NURSING

There are various reflection points throughout the semester (refer to the course calendar).Consider the reflection point concepts (below). Research the literature regarding the topic specific to your program of study when possible and apply the readings you have completed thus far in the course. Share your initial thoughts with your peers in the discussion center. 

600 Reflection Point 2 

Diversity/Inclusion: Come prepared to discuss integration of client-centered, culturally appropriate concepts into evidence-based care of individuals, families, and/or the broader population. Consider how we are ethically bound to be altruistic and demonstrate inclusivity.Reflect on various forms of diversity that exist and potential biases (e.g., language, race, ethnicity, age, gender). Find one recent article on this topic to share.

600 Reflection Point 3

Read the information on Just Culture: Annie’s Story: How A System’s Approach Can Change Safety Culture

Be prepared to discuss.

600 Reflection Point 4 

Ethics:Come prepared to discuss integration of ethical theories and principles as a basis for nursing practice, nursing scholarship, relationship development, leadership approaches, technology use, and systems decisions. Find one recent article on this topic to share.