Specifics of Islam Questions


Chapter 9: Networks of Communication and Exchange, 300 b.c.e.–1100 c.e..

1. How did geography affect the trade patterns of Africa and of Asia during the period of time covered in this chapter?

Chapter 10: The Sasanid Empire and the Rise of Islam, 200–1200.

2. Consider the time frame and specifics of Islam. 1. Where and when did Islam originate? 2. What were the conditions in this region at the turn of the seventh century? 3. What are the essential characteristics of Islam (the Five Pillars and anything else you wish to add — be sure to describe each)? 4. How did Islam change religious/social practices in the region?

3. Islam spread more rapidly than any religion in history. Based on your readings, consider why Islam spread so quickly.

Book: Richard W. Bulliet, et. al., The Earth and Its Peoples, vol. 1: to 1550, 7th (Cengage Advantage Books, 2019), ISBN-13: 9781337401487.