Southern New Hampshire University CH13 McDaniels Burgers Case Study


Review and complete the Real-World Case Study in the 13.4 Chapter Exercises. In this activity, you will evaluate theories for their advantages and disadvantages in addressing the specific case. As you complete the case, consider how the changes at the company may drive the need for a different theory than the one used previously.

Real-World Case Study

Clancey Shoe Factory has a reputation for good shoes made with pride and love. Clancey Shoe Factory is a small family business that supports many of the businesses in the major metro-politan area of Lubbock, Texas. However, a new generation of Clancey children would like to see their business grow and have expanded their market online. Now, the business is getting even busier. More and more orders are coming in every day from all around the world. To keep up with the demand, the Clancey family had to hire more workers to make shoes. However, with more workers also come more problems. In order to keep production moving in an efficient and timely order, they had three main work areas. The first station was in charge of advertising and taking orders and inventory. The second station was in charge of shoe development and creation. The third station was in charge of shoe delivery and order completion. Every worker had different perceptions about the other stations and believed that their own work was harder. Hence they wanted more compensation and more benefits compared to the other workers in the various stations. Within stations, there was friction among the workers with more experience or higher customer satisfaction. At first, everyone was paid the same amount. However, workers felt that was not fair due to their personal tasks or experiences. The Clanceys have many orders to fill, but they will lose business if they cannot satisfy their workers.

1. Pretend you have been asked to be a human-resources expert for the company. What can you do to improve the company?

2. How can you fix this problem? What changes can be made to the company?

3. If you were a worker for this company, what would you want? Why?

4. If you were the owner of this company, what would you do? Why?