SNHU W2 New Forensic Technologies Available in Different Countries Essay


Provide a synopsis of the article. Make sure to address these questions: 

1. What is this article specifically addressing? 

2. How does this article related to your selected topic? 

3.Did the article contain research? Provide a summary of the research that was discussed, as applicable. 

4. If applicable: What data was used? What instruments, if any, were used to collect data? 

5. If applicable: What were some of the conclusions, if any, to the research in this article? 

6. Your synopsis should end with a review and critique of your article. 

7. What references did the author use in this article? 

8. Was the article reliable and valid? Explain. 

9. Was this article well-written? Thoughtful and reflective? 

10.  What were the limitations in this article? Any variables? 

11. What other thoughts or comments do you have related to this article?