Simon Fraser University Reciprocity and Its Role in Tribal Scale Cultures Ques


  1. Discuss reciprocity and its role in tribal-scale cultures. Be sure      to illustrate your discussion with specific examples drawn from the small-scale      cultures (using their cultural concepts/practices) presented      in the first unit of the course. 
  2. Describe and discuss the relationship between co?wives among the Masai, as shown in the film “Masai Women” and as discussed in the Bodley      text and the audio lectures.  Include      in your discussion a comparison of the marriage practices of bride-wealth      found in pastoralist cultures versus the practice of bride service found in Native Amazonian horticultural societies. 
  3. Discuss and      describe the ways in which the culture and religion of Australian Aboriginals assists them in adapting to their environment. Moving from an etic to an emic perspective discuss the meaning or significance of dkalkiri      for Australian Aboriginals in their lives.