Seminole State College of Florida Language Experience Approach ESL Discussion


In chapter nine of in the textbook some specific activities are given as classroom practices for reading and literature instruction. These will form the basis of this discussion. This discussion will include just a post (no response required).

For this discussion begin by completing the 2 items below:

1) Review pages 344-375

2) Find a video showing an example of one of the following topics being used in a classroom: metacognition, text structure, guided reading, literature response groups, language experience approach, shared reading, story mapping, cognitive mapping, directed reading-thinking activity, literature response journals, reader’s theater, independent reading, or reading apprenticeship.

Then for your POST:

  • Give the title of the video and the link Be sure that any link points to a specific video. If there is more than one on the page where the link takes you, please be specific about which video you are sharing. (2 pts.)
  • Tell which of the topics above you chose (.5 pts.)
  • Discuss how you would tweak this classroom lesson to work (or work better) with English learners . Be specific as to what you would do differently and which level English learners you would use it with in a classroom.(min. 6 sentences) (6 pts.) Please don’t just tell what you liked about the video or why you chose it. There is no need to give a synopsis of the video or the topic – so leave that out, and remember this post is not about native speakers.