San Diego State University Social Determinants in Region of the Americas Response


For this discussion, please discuss the social determinants of health in a specific WHO region Links to the work being done in each region is below:

Social determinants in Africa

Social determinants in the region of the Americas

Social determinants in the European

Social determinants in the Western Pacific

then please answer:

  1. Identify the WHO region you would like to focus on. Why is this region of interest to you?
  2. What are some of the main issues of focus in this region?
  3. What work has been done around social determinants of health? What has worked and what hasn’t? 
  4. Pick one social determinant of health that contributes to disease transmission in this region and specifically describe the role of this 

can you respond to this student this is question number 6 …

The first recommendation to address those with low socioeconomic status would be to have more sanitation systems. They can do so by having a sanitation area at each corner of the street. By providing easy access to sanitation systems, it should promote more people to use it thus reducing the transmission of diseases. To address the problem with overcrowding, there can be more promotion on family planning and contraceptives. This would bring more awareness for people to consider if they are capable of having more children given their socioeconomic status. Promoting contraceptives are self-explanatory which would reduce the chances of unwanted pregnancy. Overall creating an effort to reduce the severity of overcrowding social determinant in disease transmission.

  1. Provide 2 concrete recommendations for addressing this social determinant based on empirical research (remember to cite your sources).
  2. Respond to a classmate about #5 above