Saint Mary University Potential Natural Hazards Geographic Information Paper


1.Go to and read the page about “Disaster Risk”

2.You will be writing a report comparing and contrasting the potential natural hazards, vulnerability and coping capacity for the following four countries:





With the use of the data below (Compiled from PreventionWeb, 2020), and from your own research, compare and contrast the “Hazards”, “Vulnerability” and “Coping Capacity” for the four different locations. Explain why the differences exist in the context of their natural environments, level of development, and differing disaster scenarios in those regions (be specific) and the potential differences in the vulnerabilities of the populations.  This should be approximately 2-3 pages of single-spaced typed text. You can also include graphics or figures associated with the data provided to assist with your response, but these should be in addition to the text requirements. Your report should have in-text citations and a reference list at the end of your report (not included in the 2–3-page write-up).