RC Connections Between Race Gender & Religion in Period from 1910s & 1920s Discussion

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You need a thesis statement and you must have specific historical evidence to support that thesis. You cannot simply say: “There was violence against African American in the 1910s.” You will need evidence to prove that. For example, The Tulsa Riot and give some details about it. Don’t just give a list of people or events. You must explain who or what they were and how they are connected.

At least 2-3 pages double-spaced to cover it (1000 words).

Discuss the connections between race, gender, and religion in the period from the 1910s and 1920s. (Use the textbook)

Things to cover, connect, and analyze:

How is the aftermath of WWI connected?

The growth of religious fundamentalism in the 1910-20s (Revivals, Scopes Trail etc)

Changes in society taking place during the 1920s

Emergence of the New KKK, who do they oppose? How did they affect politics? Give examples. Violence like the Tulsa Riot.

Anti-immigrant sentiments (Anti-Asian, Sacco and Vanzetti trial -don’t forget about anti-communism here, immigration Act of 1924 etc)

Women’s suffrage – why do women want to vote? Who were some of the people involved and how did they get the vote?

How prohibition/temperance is connected to religion, the New KKK, anti-immigrant sentiments, religion, women wanting to vote?