Rasmussen College Advantage of a Wider Confidence Interval Worksheet


THIS IS WHAT THE INSTRUCTOR SAID I NEEDED TO FIX –You did a nice job overall making the necessary corrections. Please see my feedback below for each section of the Grading Rubric. Don’t forget that you have 1 more attempt to improve your score. If you have any questions at all, please reach out to your instructor, Allisha Wise.

  • Overall Score: [2] Competence
  • Correctly solved a majority of the problems. [2]
  • Good job defining the variables in Q1 part c. Now, don’t forget to include the explanations for your answers as according to the instructions. You should explain why you chose the levels of measurement and descriptions for the variables.
  • In Q4, each calculation needs an interpretation as opposed to a general explanation of the types of values. So, specifically discuss what each calculation means in terms of the context of the scenario.
  • The skewness answer you provided is not correct.
  • Good work overall though.
  • Fairly complete and detailed steps are provided to explain how to solve the problem OR the steps provided have some errors. See above. [2]
  • Explanations demonstrate a basic understanding of most of the statistical concepts and terminology, but some explanations may be incomplete or incorrect. See above. [2]
  • The majority of variables, equations, and expressions are properly formatted. Don’t forget to apply the dollar symbols for every single calculation including the modes and max and min values as all are salary values. [2]