Quantum Quantum Mechanics Spectroscopy Questions

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1. The degeneracy ratio of the energy levels is important in microwave spectroscopy. What is the degeneracy of the third excited rotational level? [ Select ] [“7“, “1“, “3“]

2. The typical energy difference for transitions in electronic spectroscopy is 5 x 10-18 J. Calculate the ratio of the number of molecules in two adjacent levels, the ground and the first excited level, at 300 K. Assume the electronic states are singlets. [ Select ] [“approximately 0“, “7.4 x 10^(-22)“, “7.4 x 10^(-5)“]

3. Considering the ratio of molecules in the ground level to the first excited level in microwave spectroscopy (MW) and in electronic spectroscopy (EL), select the incorrect statement. [ Select ] [“The ratio for EL is smaller than 1“, “The ambient temperature does not affects the ratio in MW“, “The ratio for MW is larger than 1“]