PUAD 790 OSU Wk 3 Ohio State University Staff Relationships Improvement Report



This assignment will help you learn to do the following:

  • Perform quantitative analysis for understanding and decision making.
  • Present data and quantitative analysis in a clear and visually appealing manner.


Leaders and managers are faced with all kinds of data about their organizations and the challenges they face. To make informed decisions and communicate those decisions effectively, a public administrator must be able to analyze and make sense of key data. In this assignment, you will have to analyze and clearly present some data that is directly relevant to your problem or project.


  1. Collect and analyze quantitative data on your problem and/or organization that is relevant for your project or study. Your analysis must include some financial data and at least one other type of data that is relevant for your problem or project. Your analysis must include applying a statistical technique (for example, mean, median, standard deviation) and presenting data or analysis results visually.
  2. Write a 5-to 10-page paper in which you present, analyze, and interpret the significance or relevance of the analysis for your problem or project. You must include at least two visual presentations of the data. The report should be written so that a general, non-expert audience could understand the analysis and its implications for your problem or project