PSYCH 655 University of Phoenix Week 2 Psychometrics Discussion Question

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Many people have a serious phobia of math; however, there are some important math concepts that are very important to understand in relation to psychological assessments. In week 2, we review some of these concepts and explore how they relate to psychological assessments. Consider the statistical review and other math concepts discussed in your readings this week. Respond to the following questions in a substantive way integrating information from your text or other scholarly sources (please include citations and references for your work):

1. What are some statistical concepts you found to be relevant to psychological assessments? Why are they important to consider? How are they used to interpret psychological assessment data?

2. What is a major benefit of standardized scores? Are standardized scores appropriate for all types of scores? Why or why not? 

3. Why is it important to evaluate the reliability and validity of a psychological test?

4. What methods do you find to be most effective in establishing reliability and validity?