Practical Assessment of Research Questions Study Resources Summary


Submit a draft of Chapters 1 – 5.

Before submitting, you should review Chapter 2 to ensure that it aligns with Chapter 1 and 3. Are all of the variables in your research questions discussed in Chapter 2? Do you have literature in Chapter 2 that supports/justifies your research questions?

Review Chapter 1 and 3 to ensure that they align with Chapter 4. Do the research questions in Chapter 4, match the questions in Chapter 1? Did you make changes to your methodology as you worked on Chapter 4? Does Chapter 4 information match the steps discussed in Chapter 3?

Review Chapter 5. Does it align with the other chapters? Did you discuss the practical significance of each research question and tie in the literature from Chapter 2? Did you discuss if your findings for each research question was similar or different to the literature?