Post University Specialty Groups and Group Differences Discussion Post

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DQ#1 Specialty Groups

Specialty groups are groups that focus on one particular population or problem. Identify and discuss a type of specialty that you would be interested in facilitating. Ethically, do you need specialized training to facilitate this type of group? Please be sure to explain why or why not. Your response should include your rationale for the group and your desired outcome.

DQ#2 Differences within the Group

As a group leader you will have differences pertaining to age, religion, gender, race, SES, language, sexual preference, etc in your group. Identify and discuss a client that you have worked with that you noticed struggled with feeling different. If you do not have any client experience, you may discuss a family member, friend or co-worker. How would you facilitate the group to eliminate bias or prejudice, if others are not accepting of difference?