Park University Unit 2 Lifespan Development Discussion and Responses


Unit 2: Discussion- Childhood Eating Habits


Childhood eating and exercise habits follow us into adulthood. Eating habits are established early by parents and caregivers, so it is imperative to begin early. Here are some quick facts about childhood obesity:

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Childhood Obesity in America (Links to an external site.)

Much research has been conducted on childhood eating habits. Here is some of what we know (please watch segments 10-21):

Fat and Happy?


After completing your readings and watching the video, go to the Park libraryLinks to an external site., locate a recent (last 5 years), peer-reviewed article on childhood eating habits/obesity in the United States.(Please cite your article in your discussion using APA format for citation.)  

Using the information you have gathered about childhood eating habits/obesity from all sources, respond to the following questions:

  • What was the common theme with the videos, reading, and your research? What did you think of the experiments? Which experiment did you find most interesting? How would you convey this information to parents?