Palm Beach State College Childhood Obesity & Type Ii Diabetes Discussion Post


We are seeing children diagnosed with Type II diabetes in grade school; what are your thoughts regarding childhood obesity and its link to type II diabetes? How can we, as a nation, realistically prevent childhood obesity?

Requirements Summary

  • Post one initial discussion post regarding the topic. Your initial post should be at least 5 sentences and provide detailed and well-thought-out comments regarding the topic.
  • Post one comment to one of your classmates regarding their initial post. Comments to classmates should also be detailed and share your thoughts regarding their comments…just as if you were having a face-to-face conversation. The discussion post to your classmate should be at least 3-5 detailed sentences.

Respond to the student’s response:

Childhood obesity is annoyingly becoming a nuisance in the US, affecting more children than it is even reported. It is a condition that predisposes to many other dangerous diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure (hypertension), and high cholesterol levels, which we initially knew as adulthood diseases. Among the factors causing the condition are diet choices, lack of exercise, psychological issues, family factors among others. Its link to diabetes type II because it affects insulin in the body, a compound that carries glucose in our bodies. Due to affected insulin levels, a person cannot adequately use or balance glucose levels in their body, predisposing to the development of diabetes II.

I would think that the best way we can prevent childhood obesity is by the adults living as good role models, eating healthily and having regular physical exercises. The ‘foods’ or snacks packed for children in grade school for lunch or servings served at schools should be carefully assessed and ensured to have the ‘correct’ adequate nutritional requirements for a diet. Additionally, limiting or reducing advertisements on media about junk food could be beneficial to these children and in the long run, lead to the prevention of childhood obesity.