ORG 6011 CMU Demographic Strategy to Drive Organizational Changes Essay

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1How do age demographics drive organizational change?

1. Choose and describe a specific demographic (page 67)

2. How does this particular demographic drive change (or not) in FedEx company?

2The start model of organizational design (Galbraith et al (2002) argues that for an organization to be effective, its strategy, structure, processes, rewards and people practices have to be in alignment. (Star Model)

1. What is your interpretation of the STAR Model is it applies to your organization (FedEx)

2. If you can change the STAR model, what would you change?

3 You are an OD practitioner. You and Kurt Lewin are going to work on a new project together, and Lewin wants to apply his classic Change Process intervention model to the project. Lewin wants to know what YOU know. (chapter 9)

1. Tell Lewin about his model (1947)

2. Tell Lewin why you agree or don’t agree with his model and what this is based on and how you think this should change.

4. 1. Describe an occasion where a member of your team/direct reports reflected a strong resistance to change.

2.What strategies did you undertake to overcome the resistance? (cite one strategy from our te