Ohio University Tuberculosis and Prednisolone Medical Questions

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1. Which symptom is most common in tuberculosis?

2. Prednisolone is usually not used along with

3. A client is admitted to the hospital after vomiting blood and is diagnosed with a bleeding duodenal ulcer. Later, client develops a sudden, sharp pain in the midepigastric region along with a rigid abdomen. There clinical manifestations most likely indicate?

4. For caring a client with ileostomy, what has the highest priority?

5. A client with chronic pancreatitis should be monitored closely for the development of which disorder?

6. Assessment of the diabetic client for common complications should always include examination of?

7. The nurse should recognize that fluid shift in a client with burn injury results from an increase in the?

8. The nurse should teach the diabetic client that which is the most common symptom of hypoglycaemia

9. A client is admitted to the hospital with diagnosis of renal calculi. He is experiencing severe flank pain and nausea. His temperature is 100.6o F. Which would be a priority action?

10. Hypophysectomy means?