Ohio Christian Action Plan for the Changes Foundational to My Leadership Life Paper

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Change Action Plan

Objective: Create an action plan for the changes foundational to your leadership life.


Now that you have made your list of things that you would like to change, it is time to create an action plan that lists ways that you can begin to change those things above. What do you need to be proactive about? Where do you need to begin, with the end in mind? What are those things that you need to put first? Be as specific and tangible as you can.

Now that you have identified the areas that you feel need changed in your life; you will develop a plan or action plan for change. You are encouraged to do the following in the creation of your action plan:

  • Think lineal. Write the things you need to act on first and number them in order of importance.
  • Remember that earlier action can create momentum for later action.
  • Be specific.
  • Make sure it is doable but stretch yourself.
  • Include a self-imposed due date.
    • When are you going to act?