Oakton Community College Plague of Ants & Pedro Serran Discussion Questions

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I’m working on a literature discussion question and need a sample draft to help me learn.

1.) (minimum 100 words) What do you think of Sor Juana’s poem about men? Are these universal and timeless issues, or particular to her own social circumstances and historical period? How does she use humor to communicate her point? (I have attached the poem)

2.) (minimum 100 words) What are the author’s trying to teach their readers in “Plague of Ants” and “Pedro Serrano” and how do they do it? (Also attached).

3.) (minumum 100 words) What similarities and differences do you see in comparing the Popul Vuh to other creational mythologies, such as Judeo-Christian (or other’s with which you are familiar)? What able other stories or fables you may have read or heard growing up. Why are these similarities and differences significant? What observations can you make about the Quiché-Maya people based on this reading? (Popul Vuh attached).