NURS 498L West Coast Skill Development as a Registered Nurse Student Discussion


I need help writing this prompt. I would like to do mine based on a registered nurse student and how I would like to improve my critical thinking and also confidence. Critical thinking is very important in nursing and having the confidence will help me prove myself to the preceptor and also myself. Any questions, please ask me. I will also submit a example of another students. Thank you

Prompt: Using the pre-assessments as your guide, think about your level of  professional confidence and competence with nursing skills and  knowledge. Where are the gaps? What experiences, situations, and  relationships do you believe are important to support you as you move  into professional practice?

  • Categorize your thoughts into either professional skills or professional knowledge.
  • Draft one goal to meet each of your professional development needs.
  • Develop a plan for goal achievement. How will you achieve your  professional development goals? With whom do you need to meet? What  resources do you need?