Novel Corona Virus Review of Related Literature Paper


The assignment is in the ( BAMA3113) document. The instructions are in blue and you can use the sources I will attach which includes the lecture, workshop and the activity that should be helpful for the assignment. The document (chapter 1) should be used for chapter 2 which is the main assignment we’re working on. Basically the assignment ( BAMA3113) document is a follow up for chapter 1 which will be attached.

Activity 2:

Work through the sources (mentioned below), think and decide if they are a primary source or a secondary source or a combination of both. Refer to the slides of chapter 3, if required.

Source-1: an article in a newspaper that gives details about the degree of air pollution recorded last week

Source-2: a documentary that shows and describes the experiences of factory workers during the Gulf War

Source-3: history interviews (audio recorded) that have been carried out with citizens working as taxi drivers in Muscat

Source-4: an article in a journal that describes the usage of statistical dataset in informing governmental social policy

Source-5: a journal research paper that gives revision of the existing research studies into the cause of alcohol in liver cancer. This is done before it reports the findings of the new study, undertaken by the author of the paper

Source-6: a conference paper that gives temporary findings about an ongoing study in exploring the behavior of students at schools

Source-7: an online encyclopedia including brief explanation about business terms and topics

Source-8: a text book in research methodology

Source-9: a research article reviews past and current research into the effect of employees’ turnover on company’s productivity

Source-10: field notes from a previous study of an organization in Al Rusayl Industrial area