MTSU How Sam Spade Came to Be Hard Boiled Film Genres Discussion Questions


Discuss: You have now experienced perfect examples of Hard-boiled and Cozy.   What characteristics that you see in the film that qualify it as “Hard-boiled”? How does this differ from the Cozy? What qualities distinguish the two? Upload a table in which you list the FIVE most important characteristics, in your opinion of each sub-genre. After some reflection on your part and jotting down of notes taken from the texts we have see together, please feel free to pursue your curiosity and do some research. Then find and share a modern application, novel, TV or movie, for each type.  Please note, you must first post your answer before you can see classmates’ posts.

After completing your initial post, return to this discussion forum within 48 hours and respond to at least two classmates, 50-100 words each. This response should include commonalities, connections, and reference to comments that are of interest.…