MGT 201 Eastern Gateway Community College Organizational Culture Discussion


In 2-3 paragraphs, respond to the following. Your initial post should be substantive and be supported by course concepts. Read and respectfully reply to your classmates’ posts to create dialogue and further learning.

How does organizational culture affect individual and overall performance? Describe a “good” culture and a “bad” culture.

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Business culture is incredible: it can have a positive or adverse consequence on income , profit, enrollment exercises and representative spirit. An extraordinary culture of the organization attracts individuals who need to work with an organization or work with it. While diminishing turnover, it can move representatives to be more useful and positive at work. This can likewise fill in as your best enrollment specialist, alluring gifted candidates who are seeking work for your firm.

Representatives feel esteemed in a solid culture. They at any rate appreciate some command over their positions, as opposed to feeling feeble. In the event that it’s by telecommuting, choosing their undertakings or attempting an alternate work, laborers who are regarded and can settle on decisions have a higher achievement level. Strong business societies likewise give motivators to laborers to develop. It will keep staff drew in by offering rewards, work development openings or extra preparing – which basically expands results. At the point when all are in it together, they will all put forth the additional attempt to accomplish hierarchical objectives

A solid hierarchical culture will guarantee that laborers stay focused on the organization and content with their work. In a cutthroat employing climate, that might be incredibly valuable. Individuals are significantly more keen on marking on (and remaining) with a way of thinking of business that energizes flexibility, works with the development of laborers and gives balance between serious and fun activities. Improving worker fulfillment through a solid and strong corporate culture can diminish enrolling, recruiting and preparing costs while improving resolve and expanding benefits.

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Organizational culture allows the entire company to feel invested in the success of that company. They see their value in the organization and understand how their efficiencies and innovations can help improve the organization for everyone. We’ve seen several companies have to pivot in the last year and some have excelled while others have had a rough year. Restaurants have struggled and are having a difficult time bringing staff back. The organizational culture likely wasn’t very strong before the pandemic hit and many employees have decided that they don’t want to return to that.

I think Microsoft has emerged as a “good” culture and Amazon while originally thought of as a “good” culture has become a “bad” one. Microsoft has a good culture because Bill Gates stuck with the company that he developed for a long time allowing his determination, drive, and ethics to permeate the company. While he is no longer the head of the company he still interacts with the company and was the chair of the board until early 2020. The employees of Microsoft hold true to their corporate mission of “empowering every person on the planet to achieve more.” Amazon is now listed as the best technology company to work for above Google on LinkedIn but the last year has been revealing a lot about the Amazon culture that reveals a different narrative. The encouragement to “be bold, take risks” has worked well to put Amazon into the top spot for online retail which is no small feat with giants like Walmart having had brand recognition long before Amazon came along. Some of the implementation of these ideas though has made for a toxic environment within Amazon.