LU Comparing and Contrasting the Negotiation Characteristics of USA and Canada Exercise


Find the Global Road Warrior Database. Select any country of your choice and examine the Negotiating style (found under Business Culture, and then Negotiating). Read the information provided about each factor and write down the scores for all the 10 negotiating factors. Select another country and do the same. Open the template and write the countries selected next to each dot. For the first country move the second set of blue dots to the corresponding position on the scales (from 1.0 to 5.0). Do the same for the second country by moving the red dot within each scale.

2. Create a subheading for each of the factors and write your analysis as you compare both countries on that specific factor. Explain for example how the countries are similar to one another in a particular dimension if the dots are close to one another or different if there is a gap. You should be able to summarize and interpret the information provided about each country’s dimensions on the website, and provide tips if necessary when nationals from those countries interact with each other. You can say for example that Americans dealing with Argentinians, should know that pressure tactics may be insulting to the Argentine counterparts. Don’t make expiring offers because your counterparts will assume that you are not interested in a long-term relationship.