**KIM WOODS** wk4 q2

Which one of the following is an example of an expectation that can cause bias in an experiment? Explain why you think that is so (See instructions below).
a)     Experimenter behaves inconsistently with participants
b)     Participant wants to look good in the eyes of the experimenter
c)     Experimenter is unaware of the hypothesis
d)     Participant reads the hypothesis in the informed consent form
e)     All of the above
Instructions: Make selection, provide a concept definition (text), and support your opinion on the selection with an example from research that illustrates the concept. Do so in a maximum of 250 words. Make use of the participation rubric, found in the Instructor Policy document, as a personal checklist. By answering this question and wrestling with answers given from others in class, we ought to achieve a level of UOPX Learning Objectives/competencies 4. 2 which can be related to 4.5 as well.
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