Jacksonville State University Life of Olaudah Equiano Discussion


1. Follow all directions and answer all questions, including submitting your response to safe assign and posting your text on our Facebook group page by the due date. You must check the box on this safe assign link that allows your document to be evaluated for the use of secondary sources and/or plagiarism. If you will not allow your document to be checked for the use of secondary sources and/or plagiarism, you will not receive credit for this assignment.

2. When asked to cite quotations from a work, you must use quotation marks, exact wording and include page and paragraph numbers from The Norton Anthology of American Literature, 8th or 9th ed.

3. You must write at least 300 words of your own (This DOES NOT include quotations from the text!) You must follow the punctuation and grammar rules of standard American English.

4. Your responses must be completely original. You may not use any secondary sources (books, web sites, other people’s ideas) and you may not use ideas presented by your classmates in this forum. If you do this, you will be in violation of the plagiarism policy as explained in the syllabus; also, you will fail the course and risk expulsion from JSU.

5. At my discretion, I will assign up to five extra points per blog entry for those posts that exhibit depth of thought, originality and adhesion to the directions. Additionally, those students who interact with other classmates by purposefully and thoughtfully replying to their posts may also receive extra points on some assignments.


Blog Topic Option Two: Which of the writers, excluding Benjamin Franklin as this is the obvious choice, covered in this period do you believe to be the most relevant to contemporary readers, such as yourself, and why? Which one expresses ideas, concepts and/or opinions that were both valid at the time of the writing and are still valuable to readers today? Choose at least two quotes from your chosen author to prove your point. (Use quotation marks, exact wording and page and paragraph numbers; DO NOT USE a quote that has been referenced in my notes or in another student’s discussion board post.)