Introduction to Python Movie Genre Questions


  • How does your movie genre compare to the other genres in the dataset? For example: Do the movies in your genre have longer than average runtimes? Are their ratings substantially different?, etc.
  • How does your movie genre trend over time (decade by decade)?
  • What are the key qualitative aspects of your movie genre? Feel welcome to use specific movies from your genre to support this part of the analysis.

Analysis Requirements

At a minimum, your analysis should contain the following:

  • Well-explained visualizations to support your findings (minimum of five sentences per visualization)
  • Good use of markdown to explain your code (minimum of one markdown cell for every two coding cells in your Notebook)
  • A minimum of one quality comment for every five lines of code (use these to explain the technical details of your code
  • Deliverable
  • Jupyter Notebook file (.ipynb) with:
    • a maximum of 1500 words of markdown (A.P.A. format)
    • no limit to the number of lines of code
    • Tips
    • To check your code for errors, restart your kernel and run the code from beginning to end.