HUM 7100 University of Arizona The Foster Care System Annotated Bibliography


Annotated Bibliography

Locate 8 – 10 scholarly, peer-reviewed journal article sources that are relevant to your topic for the final paper and were published within the past 6 years. (The Foster Care System) MY TOPIC FOR THE FINAL PAPER

Read and analyze the articles to compile an annotated bibliography in APA format (6th ed).

See the “Helpful Examples” section in the Ashford University Writing Center, and scroll down to “Annotated Bibliography” for tips and examples. You can also watch the Annotated Bibliography tutorial video (Links to an external site.) from the Writing Center.

Review Section 4.1: Locating Resources, Section 5.1: Evaluating Journal Articles: The Big Picture, Section 5.2: Higher-Level Inquiry Skills, and Section 4.3: Evaluating Sources, from Sole’s and Landrum’s (2015) Academic Research and Writing: A Guide for the Social Sciences.

Include a cover page (see p. 41 of the APA Manual, 6th ed.)