HSA 4502 SPC Risk Management Programs in Healthcare Organizations Essay

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This week, you read a lot about why Risk Management programs are critical to the safety and security of any health care organization. The scope of involvement is very broad, and the Risk Management team is an integral part to addressing any potential threat. For this assignment, I want you to choose 3 of the issues discussed in the text. It may be data security, workplace violence, patient abduction, and so on (the list is almost endless). For each of the topics chosen, explore the relationship between risk management and quality assurance related to issue. Also talk about the role of the risk manager if the quality assurance initiatives are found to either not be effective, or not followed.

For example: You may choose a safety issue regarding access to the facility. Risk Management may do an analysis regarding how many access points, and the potential for a threatening situation to arise. A quality assurance initiative may be that at a certain time each night, a security guard rounds to make sure that all access points are secured, or have a process by which all visitors are given badges with RFID to track all visitor locations.