HIST 125 UMGC Medieval Weaponry Annotated Bibliography


For this assignment, you will do a search of the UMUC Library’s databases for five (5) articles in scholarly (peer-reviewed) journals on your chosen topic. These are not found in encyclopedias. They are peer reviewed journals.

Select a topic that will form the basis for your Annotated Bibliography. You should choose some topic that deals with some aspect of the History of Applied Science & Technology to 1500. MEDIEVAL WEAPONRY IS THE TOPIC FOR THIS BIBLIOGRAPHY

Analytical Annotated Bibliography Components:

1. Begin each annotated bibliography entry by identifying the source in correct Chicago Manual of Style documentation. Do not use citation generators for Chicago. Virtually all of them place the year incorrectly. Instead use the Chicago Manual of Style Online Guide or the UMGC Library’s Chicago Citation Examples page. https://sites.umgc.edu/library/libhow/chicago_examples.cfm#bibliography

2. A brief description of the author’s topic, thesis, and methodology. In other words, in what academic discipline does the work fall in (history, literature, social science, women’s studies, cultural studies, etc.)? What kind of evidence does the author draw upon?

3. A concise outline of the main points in the text.

4. A statement about the author’s goals and his/her intended audience. Are there any clear biases?

5. MOST IMPORTANTLY–Your critical evaluation of the text’s usefulness for the investigation of your topic. What are the strengths of the source? What are the deficiencies or limitations of the source?

6. Did the article help you to further understand the topic? If so, explain how. If not, explain what information might have been helpful.

7. Explain how each of your sources compares to the others. Are there any general trends you see in your selected books and articles?