HI215 Purdue University Global Revenue Cycle Management and Surveys Essay


HI215: Reimbursement Methodologies

Topic #1: Revenue Cycle Management

Data is collected at each step of the revenue cycle, and an error or lack of action at any step in the cycle may result in delayed or lost revenue.

  • Discuss three steps in the revenue cycle, explaining      what action occurs; provide an example for each step.
  • Describe a negative result, for each of your      selected three steps, which may occur if the action is completed      incorrectly or not at all.
  • Select one impact, from those you identified, and      apply a policy which notes the process to be taken to prevent or minimize      future occurrences of the noted negative event.

HI230: Quality Assurance and Statistics in Health Information

Topic #2: Surveys
Read the article Patient Engagement Roles Emerging in Healthcare. Share how the questions outlined in the patient engagement scenario can help us in the development of satisfaction surveys? Based on that information what kinds of questions should we ask or not ask and explain why.