Greedy Algorithm and Vertex Cover Interrogation Paper Questions


Interrogation Paper on Canvas. For this option, you will first read/watch the week’s material and the recorded class discussion. You will then write a 500-1000 word Canvas post in which you:

1) identify and interrogate a concept or question from the week’s material,

2) cite one short passage from each reading


3) discuss with specificity at least one moment from the class recording

For this paper, you are not expected to demonstrate mastery of all the week’s material; instead, I would like you to grab onto one thread of the unit that is interesting to you and engage with two passages and a moment in class discussion. For example, you might take a moment from class discussion that was interesting to you, describe it briefly, and then explain how the discussion connects to two passages we did not discuss in class, quoting and citing page numbers appropriately. If you are unable to attend class or participate before class, then you should be prepared to complete a posts for the module for each class where you did not attend or submit in before class.