Grand Canyon University Implementing Evidence Based Practice in Healthcare

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One of the barriers that are mostly written about in literature, is nurses’ attitude and perception around evidence-based practice (EBP). Nurses feel they do not have enough knowledge about EBP to feel comfortable with the process, do not have support around EBP, or were not taught it in school originally, so it is a concept that is unfamiliar.

“In a study carried out by Kc et al. demonstrated that the nurse is unwilling to change or try new ideas 30.5%. Additionally, nurses did not perceive research as being an important element of their practice.” (Kc S., Subramaniam PR, Paudel S., 2016) “Similarly, Kalaldeh et al. found that nurses are poorly adhering to EBP, and their current practice was based on practice transmitted from one person to another.”(Kalaldeh MA., Watson R., and Hayter M., 2014)