Grand Canyon University Healthy Ethic Behaviors vs Vulnerable Populations Discussion

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Who sets the precedence for legibility, age appropriate assent forms, cognitive and emotional capabilities, inform consent and if it goes far enough to include anticipated potential harm, compensation terms among at risk populations? These are questions that assessed and enforced by the ethical review boards (ERBs), governmental agencies and independent Data Safety Monitoring Committee (DSMC). Recently the FDA suspended the use of the J&J’s COVID 19 vaccine, as much as it was disappointing; one of the officials from the advisory board said something that probably the news media did not echo “the system worked” Systemic compliance to advocated norms and sustained monitoring promote healthy ethic behaviors across and help anchor policies and practices that simply imply the disadvantaged sub-segment of the community requiring utmost care. (Shivayogi, 2013). For these communities can be vital contributors to the resources and capacity of public health system if they are treated with dignity and respect