Georgia College and State University Haier Group Internationalization Case Study


Write a brief assessment (two pages) of Case 17 found in the text. Pay particular attention to the following questions:

17 Haier Group: Internationalization Strategy

  • What are the main features of Haier’s internationalization strategy since the early 1990s?
  • How does Haier’s internationalization strategy differ from the pattern of international development typical of Western enterprises?
  • How successful has Haier’s international strategy been and why?
  • What are the principal features of Haier’s management system? In what ways do Haier’s principles and methods of management differ from those deployed by Western companies? What lessons might be drawn (a) by other Chinese enterprises, and (b) by Western enterprises?
  • What recommendations would you make for Haier’s continuing success as a global leader in the appliance industry?