George Washington University Crisis communication Plan Parts 4 and 5


Your task

Construct a draft of Parts 4 and 5 of the Crisis Communication Plan. Do not include parts 1-3 of your plan from the previous unit. Submit only your draft of parts 4 and 5.

Refer to the assignment description and guidelines and the assignment part 4 & 5 components. You will use the feedback you receive from last week’s assignment and from this week’s assignment to construct a final copy of the full Crisis Communication Plan in Unit 7.

Part 4:

  • Crisis Communications Control Center
  • Equipment and Supplies
  • Pre-gathered Information
  • Key Messages
  • Website, Blogs, and Social Media
  • Trick Questions
  • List of Prodromes

Part 5:

  • Evaluation Form


1. Rubric

2. Part 1-3

3, Description and Guidelines