Future Global Lingua Franca Spanish A Practically Potential Candidate Research


Latin lost to French as the lingua franca of the known Western world by the beginning of the European Enlightenment. In 1919, French lost this status to English. English has retained this importance for a century now.  Build a scenario in which English gets replaced by another language. What factors need to come into play for this to come true? Which language do you think is the most likely candidate to replace English? Why? 

Use this paper to show how well you can consolidate information from the Lecture Notes and accompanying readings with your own generated insights in examining contemporary language situations. 

Read: Sayeh S Abdullah and Mohammad Latif Chaudhary, “English as a Global Lingua Franca.”  Paper presented at the International Conference on Education, Applied Sciences and Management (ICEASM’2012) December 26-27, 2012 Dubai (UAE). In https://psrcentre.org/images/extraimages/27.%201412116.pdf.

Note: We need to use at least 3 internal sources that I will be providing down below.