FSWSC Development of A Database System & Bike Rental Mobile Application Essays

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Mobile systems are having a major impact on business and society today. Accordingly, mobile applications now form an important component of marketing and business processes for many companies.Assume that the owner of a bike rental shop at a popular summer resort wants to create a mobile application to aid customers who want to book bikes via their mobile systems. You have been hired as a consultant to recommend the best strategy for creating such an application.In an essay, describe some features you will include in this application to ensure a quality user experience. Make your recommendations specific to this application for this particular bike shop. In addition, propose either a thick-client or a thin-client application. Provide reasons to justify your choice.

Businesses of every size organize data records into collections called databases.The purpose of a database is to keep track of things. At one extreme, small businesses use databases to keep track of customers; at the other extreme, huge corporations use databases to support complex sales, marketing, and operations activities.Suppose that a county planning department wants to build a new database system to keep track of building permit applications for both residential and commercial projects. The database should be available to the applicants over the Internet. You have been hired as a consultant to recommend the best strategy for creating such a database.In an essay, describe the work that must be accomplished for the four stages of development of this particular database system—requirements definition, data modeling, database design, and implementation. Identify the inputs and outputs for each stage of development.