Franklin University Social Connections and Intimacy Essay


  1. Work through the questionnaire download with a person with whom you have a significant personal relationship.
  2. Create a substantial and detailed three to four-page paper that provides an analysis of the encounter. Your response should:
    • Provide a brief summary of the interview.
    • Identify behaviors and actions described in this module‚Äôs chapters that you engaged in or observed (positive and/or negative). Illustrate using specific examples from your interview.
    • Discuss the concepts from Chapters 3 and 7 about self-disclosure and interactive listening as they applied to your experience. Illustrate with examples.
    • Discuss 2-3 significant items you learned about yourself, your conversation partner, and/or the relationship that you share.
  3. Include an introduction and a conclusion.
  4. Include citations from the text where necessary.

REMEMBER: You want to create a fully developed paper with a logical flow rather than a list of responses to the set of prompts. You may or may not want to respond in the order they are listed here.

  1. By Sunday, upload your paper.

Part 2: Discuss

  1. By Thursday, submit a post in the discussion forum that:
    • Summarizes your interview including who your partner was and the emotions you felt. Were you uncomfortable at first or immediately at ease?
    • Describes the moments that really stood out to you and why. What did you learn about yourself or your partner?
    • Includes some final remarks about whether you enjoyed this activity and what this exchange meant or possibly changed for you.