Fort Valley State Module 2 Clients in Inpatient Substance Abuse Treatment Discussion

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    1. Substance abuse counselors must be culturally and environmentally competent to treat clients. Being able to choose the correct approach and understand what the client needs to be successful is another must for the counselor. Identify the following cultural and environmental needs in order to meet the client’s needs where they are. You are a substance abuse counselor working for ABC treatment in downtown. You are working with Sally, a 25-year-old White female from the suburbs. Sally has come to you because she has become addicted to opiates. Sally explains that she was a nurse and was caught stealing morphine from the hospital. As a result her license has been suspended and is pending revocation. She has lost her job and is in danger of losing her housing. Sally has called her family who are willing to help her in the short term but cannot afford to support her through this process. Sally shares that she started using when she was 19 and her boyfriend at the time introduced her to marijuana. She quickly moved from marijuana to cocaine and then started using Percocet. Sally also explains to you that when she was 10, she was the victim of sexual assault. She did not share this with her family until she was 15. By then she was smoking cigarettes and her grades had dropped from As to Cs. Sally’s parents have been supportive throughout Sally’s life but did not know how to address the assault or changes in Sally’s behavior. Sally is dating a man who also abuses drug and has no desire to stop, despite Sally asking him to.

Identify the cultural and environmental needs that must be addressed in order to help Sally. Provide a justification for the needs that you have identified.