Florida International University Tesla Vision and Mission Statement Case Study


Read the attached case study, then, answer the questions:This is a most interesting case and a current one.

1. describe in 100 words or less Tesla’s a) vision, b) mission, and c) strategy at the time of the case.

2. value the stock at the time of the case; value the stock as of Friday, June 18.

3. watchhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NcWE5W3bLXU (Links to an external site.) (Tesla unveils Model 3) and state Tesla’s vision, mission and strategy. Also Model 3’s competitive advantages and benefits to the public.

4. who has contributed more to the environment and reduction of gas emissions, Tesla or EPA? Should the US Federal government fund super charging stations or is that a decision better left to the private sector? who can be more productive, independent entrepreneurs or Washington bureaucrats? Is there anyone in Washington capable of understanding let alone pulling off such an innovation? Did the government subsidize gas stations for the first automobiles?