Ethical Hacking Megaping Software and Change Management Questions


Course: Ethical Hacking:

  1. In 350 words, Explain in your own words what type of information can be obtained by using network scanning techniques and why it is an important intelligence-gathering process. add 2-3 clickable reference at end 

Wk6 Research Assignment:

2. in 350 words, Select one network scanning software tool (there is a list in your required reading slides-attached ppt ) and explain in detail how it works and how detects network vulnerabilities. Provide the site where you obtained your information and include that in your assignment write-up.add 2-3 clickable reference at end 

Course: Information Assurence:

3. Explain in your own words what some of the challenges are with the Change Management Process for IT security.add 2-3 clickable reference at end