ES 1110 NEX Atmospheric Pollution Discussion & Modeling Air Quality Patterns Lab



Atmospheric Pollution

Since 1970 there have been considerable improvements in air quality. 

Major pollutants have decreased by as much as 85%. Some politicians say that air quality has improved to the point that we don’t need such strict regulation.

Your own view may differ but offer a reason why someone might say that air quality standards should be loosened.  

Despite these improvements there are still human health impacts. The rates asthma continue to increase, particularly in children. The exact cause is unknown.  One of the challenges of trying to improve air quality even more is the additional costs involved. For example, further reducing emissions from motor vehicles might require additional air pollution control devices making cars more expensive. It could also mean requiring the use of a higher grade of gasoline that would be more expensive to produce. When the price of gas goes above $3/gallon today, people tend to get upset. Would you be willing to pay $10/gallon for gas if that’s what it takes to further reduce emissions?

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