EDU 612 Belhaven University Unit 7 Template Exercise

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Lesson Plan Format

Adapted for Curriculum Project – EDU 612

Name: _______________________________________________________________________

Subject: ____________________________ Grade or Course: __________________________

Unit: ________________________________________________________________________

Subunit: _____________________________________________________________________

Standard targeted:

Concept(s) addressed:

Learner Outcome(s): [Related to standard/concept(s) identified and assessed at the end of the lesson]

Materials and equipment needed for lesson:

Accommodation for Diversity: [different cognitive styles, visual versus auditory or tactile learners, previous knowledge, disabilities, cultural differences, etc.]

Instructional strategies to be used to teach lesson:

  1. Gaining Attention/Motivation:
  2. Presenting Learner Outcome(s) to Students:
  3. Relating to Prior Experiences/Knowledge/ Introduction:
  4. Presenting Content of Lesson/Concept Development [teacher input including modeling and integration of technology into instruction]:
  5. Gaining Response from Students [check for understanding/questioning/guided and independent practice]:
  6. Providing Feedback to Students:
  7. Closing the Lesson:
  8. Assessing Learner Outcome(s):