DU and UI Information Security Governance Plan & Security Policies Paper



Use the following resources, as well as your readings from this module, to develop a framework for the foundation of an Information Security Governance Plan. The framework should address all major components of an Information Security Governance Plan, which would include:

  • major stakeholders
  • critical success factors
  • alignment with organizational mission, vision, and objectives, etc.

This framework is simply a listing of all major components that will need to be included in a full Information Security Governance Plan.


Here are a few Information Security Policies (Educause) (Links to an external site.) from higher education institutions. Choose two of these policies or other policies of your choice that you may find publicly available. Here are a few security policies from airlines:

After evaluating these two different Information Security Policies, write a 2 pages paper comparing and contrasting these policies. What are some of the similarities and differences? Would you have any recommendations to add to each of these policies?